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The after-sales assistance is a fundamental activity and it is one of the strong points of Vama Ecology, structured with 24 hour telephone assistance,  that manages the relationship with the customer and coordinates the technical intervention and/or the despatch of the spare parts in the shortest possible time.

For the maintenance and repairs it is assisted by a team of young technicians, qualified and motivated, who intervene at the offices and the installations of the customer with equipped vans and mobile workshops.

When the external intervention isn’t possible, the machines are withdrawn and brought to the workshop, area equipped with modern tools and machineries, where they are repaired and/or completely reconditioned in the mechanical parts, electric/electronic parts, carpentries and paintworks.

Thanks to the technical knowledge, the organizational abilities, the passion and helpfulness of the persons that accompany it, make Vama Ecology a reality that wants to offer to the customer opportunities to invest in the sector of the environment and to pursue the road of innovation.